Conservation & Hospitality Management School


AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING has a long history in quality Conservation Management education. The aim of the Conservation Faculty is to be a leader in wildlife management education and we aim to be a significant player in the growth and development of the Southern African game industry - providing and deploying skilled and knowledgeable support staff and personnel to the industry…

All our conservation courses are fully accredited by the INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CONSERVATION INITIATIVE (ISCI) and the AFRICAN BUSH CORPORATION (ABC) - leading ‘suppliers’ of specialised task teams, trained support staff and skilled volunteers to the wildlife conservation industry - not only in Southern Africa, but across Africa.



DURATION: 2 Months Full-time

Join the ‘Conservation Services’ community today and contribute to wildlife conservation in Africa...

The aim of this course is to provide students with the skills to succeed in a rapidly-changing nature conservation environment where innovation is key. Graduates are equipped with a comprehensive range of technical, managerial, research, communication and life skills for employment in the field of nature conservation. 
The purpose of this course is to supply the nature conservation industry with people who can competently contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and provide knowledgeable assistance to natural resource and reserve managers.


Wildlife/Reserve Management, Game Ranch Management, Conservation & Ecology Management, Environmental Education, Wildlife Research, Conservation Action Planning (CAP), and much more...

STUDENT FEE: R 65 000:00                      

INCLUDED: Meals, Accommodation, Study Material, Uniform Contribution, Membership-, Exam-, Assessment- & Moderation- Fees. 

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DURATION: 30 Days Full-time

Start your career in conservation under the mentorship of renowned conservationists, ex-Kruger Park rangers and veterans in the field; or just join the course for a life changing wilderness experience…the choice is yours, but one thing is certain - what you will learn and experience is priceless!!! 

This “feet-wet & hands-dirty” course has been developed to teach students the fundamentals of sustainable and responsible wildlife management as they actively partake in the daily running of a wilderness concessions in the Greater Kruger National Park and surrounding wildlife areas...


Conservation Action Planning, Laws & Legislation, Bio-diversity Conservation, Natural Resources Protection, Veld Management, Ecological Processes & Principles, Land Degradation, Invader Plants, Bush Encroachment, Road Maintenance, Fire Management, Animal Health Monitoring, Game Fencing, Anti-poaching, Population Control, Game Ranching, Game Capturing,  Animal Diseases, Predator Management, Elephant Management, and much more…

STUDENT FEE: R 33 500:00 

INCLUDED: Meals, Accommodation, Study Material, Uniform Contribution, Membership-, Exam-, Assessment- & Moderation- Fees. 

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DURATION: 4 Days Full-time

Our vision with the CONSERVATION & ECOLOGY MANAGEMENT COURSE is to provide globally relevant, African-centred training to improve biodiversity knowledge, ecological understanding and conservation management competency....

Our mission is to develop human and institutional capacity through the pursuit of scientific knowledge of species and ecosystems, and to enable sound management practices for the monitoring, mitigation and conservation of our natural heritage. Presented and facilitated by experienced park wardens and rangers in conjunction with various conservation authorities connected to the Kruger Park and Limpopo Transfrontier Initiative - this highly intensive course is ideal for current and future conservation managers.


Conservation in South Africa, Historical Timeline, Geological Evolution, Soil Ecology, Climate & Weather, Ecological Processes, Organisational Levels, Bio-diversity, Fauna & Flora, Management Plans, Key Management Objectives, Management Techniques ...

STUDENT FEE: R 8 900:00

INCLUDED: Meals, Accommodation, Study Material, Shirt, Cap...

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DURATION: 14 Days Full-time

This course will teach you the principles of Environmental Education in practice and equip you with all the necessary tools, knowledge and skills you will need to confidently apply your Environmental Education initiatives in your own environment and make a ‘real’ difference in conservation and the preservation of our most valuable natural resources… 

On completion of the course students will be able to design, plan, implement, facilitate and evaluate a variety of environmental learning programmes. The course will also equip participants with best practice environmental education training techniques and methodologies.


Introduction to Environmental Education, Teaching Methodologies and Techniques, Changing Attitudes and Behaviour, Planning - Designing - Facilitating - Evaluating EE Programs, Conducting Training Interventions, And much more...

STUDENT FEE: R 16 200:00

INCLUDED: Meals, Accommodation, Study Material & Uniform Contribution

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