Conservation & Hospitality Management School


The ABT Short Courses offers participants practical, hands-on training experiences, underpinned by course material carefully developed by experts in the respective fields. 

As part of our vision to create a centre of learning excellence, ABT hosts small groups for those who wish to gain both practical and academic experience within the wildlife conservation field, as well as to provide educational experiences for nature enthusiasts. 

The ABT Short Courses provides participants with the opportunity to train in parallel with ABT instructors in order to attain a practical skill-set as well as a theoretical understanding of what it takes to become a field conservationist. 



DURATION: 7 Days Full-time

Birding as a hobby has grown tremendously in popularity in the past decade, and these days, visitors that come to the African wilderness areas want to do more than simply spot large game. 

This unique birding course has been designed to cater for those who wish to learn the basics of bird identification or improve their existing identification skills. 

It is open to anyone serious about birding and those who just wanting to learn more about the birds inhabiting the Southern Africa wilderness...

We are confident that any person attending our course will leave us more enriched and with greater confidence in being able to enjoy the beauty of the South African bird life!!!

INCLUDED: Meals, Accommodation, Study Material, Shirt, Cap & Certificate

STUDENT FEE: R 8 700:00


DURATION: 7 Days Full-time

Ever wondered what it was like before technology? 
When you had to follow an animal on foot to understand its habits and behaviour, if your answer is yes then this course is for you!!!

Learning to track is a sacred art. It gives you the ability to merge with the wilderness and become one with nature...

The course has been developed in partnership with renowned tracking specialists and experts, to provide students with an overview of animal tracks and tracking in remote wilderness areas. The course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the traditional skills of tracking animals, in their natural environment. During the course, learners will develop a keen awareness for all tracks and signs as well as following and finding animals in the bushveld.

INCLUDED: Meals, Accommodation, Study Material, Shirt, Cap & Certificate

STUDENT FEE: R 8 700:00


DURATION: 7 Days Full-time

Discover the ancient art of primitive survival skills and become competent in relying only on your bush knowledge and skills to be able to provide what you need to survive... 

Tribal people all over the world rely on primitive bushcraft skills to provide in their everyday needs and in this exciting course you will learn how to use this ‘sacret’ knowledge of the wilderness to stay alive. 

Compiled and written wilderness experts - this ground breaking course is the  first of it’s kind and one of the most rewarding learning programmes currently available for the true adventurer and real bush junky…

This course focus on learning and mastering bushcraft skills that will open a whole new world....

INCLUDED: Meals, Accommodation, Study Material, Shirt, Cap & Certificate

STUDENT FEE: R 8 700:00